TalentOcean is a web-based IT Human Resource Platform built around skills-based assessment for the IT industry. It contains a large collection of professional assessments, leading to personal appraisals, career advice, self-study guides, mentoring, coaching, training and other resources supporting:

  • IT Learners: providing workplace experience insights for new starters in IT professions, with real-life scenarios to help understand the working environments for Grads, Post-Grads and other individuals starting their IT career journey.
  • IT Professionals: providing insights, appraisals, career advice, training, coaching, mentoring and profile services to aid in personal career progression
  • IT Supervisors: providing insights into staff assessments and appraisal, with solutions supporting performance management and performance improvement planning.
  • IT Recruiters: providing the means to create and advertise job profiles based on soft skills and competencies, matching TalentOcean professionals with qualified assessments.

Assessments - the core of TalentOcean

TalentOcean assessments are built around work-based scenarios and soft skills found in the modern IT workplace. They extend beyond the knowledge or experience gained in qualifications or certifications for technology-based solutions, really getting to know how a person thinks or reacts to situations or problem-solving across 50 IT soft skills areas:

Capacity Planning
Cloud Computing
Communications Management
Data Management
Data Privacy
Decision Making
Delivery Management
Delivery Tools
Diversity and Inclusion
Ethics and Compliance
Financial Budgeting
Industry Proficiency

IT Developer

IT Enterprise Architect
IT Governance
IT Innovations
IT PMO Portfolio Manager
IT Processing
IT Program Manager
IT Programmer: Python
IT Project Manager
IT Terminology
IT Vendor Management
Leadership Skills
Management Leadership
Management Skills
Network Security
Personal Communications
Personal Integrity

Planning and Organization

Problem Solving
Problem Troubleshooting
Quality Assurance
Resource Management
Risk Analysis
Software Deployment
Software Development
Stakeholder Management
Team Collaboration
Time Management
Work Coordination

Digital Transformation

Appraisals & Profiles - personal insights and career advice

Assessments are just the beginning to your voyage on TalentOcean. Once completed, every individual is provided with a personal appraisal to share with others, which includes

  • Personal instructions and career advice for advancement in any skill.
  • An appraisal to showcase your skills and experience based on your assessment results.
  • A large collection of resources supporting training, coaching, mentoring and career support.

Assessments and appraisals are also used to compare individuals with jobs posted on the platform by Recruiters, ensuring a great match before you even read the job description!

As an IT professional, you also have the opportunity to complete your own personal Profile, which can be shared with line managers for performance management or recruiters for job seeking. Your Profile can also be downloaded, supporting your resume or CV, supporting your career advancement.

Performance Management - planning and improvements

As a line manager of a team of IT professionals, you are provided with the tools to manage the performance of your direct reports on TalentOcean, including;

  • Assessment reviews and feedback for individuals.
  • Appraisal insights and planning with direct notifications.
  • Performance management and reporting.
  • Regular Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) with defined goals for any of the core TalentOcean skills, including Advisories | Training | Coaching | Mentoring | Monitoring - or Disciplinary actions.

Skills-Based Recruiting - unbiased search and selections

TalentOcean provides recruiters with cutting-edge tools to define jobs, search candidates, compare applicants and download profiles for IT professionals using skills-based hiring methods. With the means to provide comprehensive job descriptions - and to define the skills and skill levels required for a role, across:

  • IT Role Types
  • Job Description
  • Day to Day Tasks
  • Reporting Structure
  • Role Prerequisites
  • Application Process
  • Locations, Languages and Qualifications
  • Up to 10 TalentOcean Skill Levels
  • Upload associated Job or Role profile documents.

Jobs posted on TalentOcean can be matched and compared with open applicants or directly with invited IT professionals, providing immediate insights and results as skills assessments are compared with the skills required within a job profile, making the task of finding the right candidates, quickly a breeze!

Created with Microsoft PowerApps, TalentOcean is the future of IT career advancement, using assessments in soft skills to define, refine, seek, advance and improve every individual!