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Navigate an Ocean of Talent with Skills...

Gain game-changing advantages in your recruiting capabilities by posting a skills-based job or inviting applicants to complete pre-selected assessments. You will gain in-depth and profound insights on your job applicants and immediately supercharge your recruitment processes.

Job Publishing Board: Create an invitation only skills-based job posting to invite pre-selected applicants or directly post job vacancies to seamlessly match qualify your applicants from the TalentOcean Job Board.

The Recruiters Dashboard: View your jobs, applicants and profiles from one easy-to-navigate interface. With search facilities and accessibility to every assessment result - save time using our notification channel to communicate with your applicants!

Online Resources: Your invited applicants have additional benefits with access to our Learning Resources, to help them match the skills required for the jobs and roles you post, maximizing their suitability for you to select from your pool of candidates.

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