Performance Management

Performance Reviews

TalentOcean provides a Performance Management Module, with 2 distinct types of Performance for Goals and Talents. With automated form-filling elements, it makes the job of managing an employees performance a breeze!

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"Businesses must maintain their ability to adapt in order to remain competitive in today’s ever-evolving industry..." - MDPI

Goal Performance Reviews:

These focused Performance Reviews are conducted more regularly - they indicate an employee's "rating" against any pre-defined Goals set at Department, Team, Role - or individual level.

Talent Performance Reviews:

These allow for multiple parties to feedback their input, to be qualified and quantified for each individual, forming a rounded view for facilitators to review and advise on courses of action for every defined Talent in their Role or remit within your organization.

Goals and Performance Reviews

Employee Performance Reviews are integral to TalentOcean, providing key insights into employee achievements and developmental needs. Accessible to line management, HR, and senior executives, this feature aligns employee performance with organizational goals, enhancing strategies for training, mentoring, and coaching. The platform is pre-equipped with over 60 Talents, and offers the flexibility to customize or create unique Talent or Goal Assessments, making it a versatile tool for comprehensive performance management.

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