Welcome to TalentOcean!

TalentOcean redefines the landscape of professional development with a robust Strategic Business Management Platform, designed to intertwine business objectives with individual employee growth. We are not just a platform; we are your partner in navigating the complexities of modern business management and workforce development.

Navigating Business Goals with Precision

At TalentOcean, we empower businesses to define and distribute goals across their organization with unparalleled precision. Our platform facilitates the setting of clear, actionable objectives at every level, ensuring that both business needs and employee aspirations are aligned and met effectively.

Integrated Talent and Goal Management

Recognizing the unique talents within your organization, we have reimagined skills as "Talents" - and your business targets as "Goals" - to emphasize the unique contributions of each team member. Our comprehensive approach combines Talent and Goal Assessments and Performance Management to foster an environment of continuous improvement and achievement.

In-House Development and Reduced Overheads

TalentOcean promotes a culture of internal growth by empowering your existing employees to take on roles as Coaches, Trainers, and Mentors. This strategy not only enhances the skills within your organization but also significantly reduces the reliance and expenditures on external training providers.

Empowering Organizations, Empowering People

Our commitment extends beyond organizational success. We are dedicated to nurturing the needs of each employee, providing them with the tools and opportunities to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to their teams and the broader business objectives.

Join Us in Charting a Course to Success

Explore TalentOcean and discover how our strategic tools and dedicated support can transform your business and employee potential. Together, we will chart a course for success, leveraging tailored goals and integrated talent management to reach new heights.

Your Strategic Journey Begins Here

Dive deeper into TalentOcean and embark on a transformative journey that aligns your business strategies with the talents of your workforce. Let us help you turn challenges into opportunities and strategies into actionable results.

About the Team

TalentOcean is the pinnacle of years of experience and research, designed to provide business and professional consumers with services focused on business goals - and each individual. We recognize that business goals, soft skills and personal competencies are at the core of every business - and nurturing those areas is the key to growth in any industry organization. Created by the team at ConnectingPM:

Heather Gates

Heather Gates -

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Gates is a seasoned entrepreneur and esteemed global tech industry consultant with an impressive track record spanning over 25 years. Her expertise lies in driving human-centered, data-driven project deliveries and optimizing business processes.
With diverse leadership roles in tech-focused project management, PMO, and professional services organizations for global enterprises across the United States, Middle East, and Europe, Heather is deeply passionate about cultivating personal and professional growth, placing a strong emphasis on the significance of soft skills in development, performance, and recruitment.
As the visionary behind TalentOcean, a personal development center empowering individuals and businesses to expand their knowledge boundaries, facilitating transformative success.

Adam Gill

Adam Gill -

Chief Technology Officer

Adam is a seasoned technologist with an extensive background in enterprise solutions, data management, business operations, technical infrastructure, platform architecture and solution deployments. With over 40 years experience in unified communication solutions culminating in the design, development and deployment of Microsoft Power Platform technologies, Adam's attention to detail and innovative approach has supported the ongoing development of TalentOcean, from concept to a fully-formed personal development platform. With a history spanning The Royal Corps of Signals, global banking, manufacturing, retail, customer relations, telecommunications and SMB businesses, Adam brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, supporting the demand for complex platforms and solutions supporting personal development.