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Skills Assessments

Workplace Skills Assessments: As you move into the workforce, getting the balance right between applying your academic skills and acquiring new soft skills is the key to a successful start in your workplace career. Our scenario-based assessments get you thinking about that new environment - and pose questions which simulate the types of issues you are going to find there.

Personal Appraisals: Get professional advice and testimonials for your workplace skills assessments, with unbiased career advice and a skills competency narrative that you can share with others, to showcase your soft skills' abilities - before you even begin your career in the workplace!

Dashboard Appraisals
Learning Resources

Learning Resources: TalentOcean provides a full program of learning resources with over 50 workplace skills for multiple industries, enhanced with our Ask TalentOcean AI . With comprehensive Skills Definitions, Study Guides, Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Performance Management programs - take control of your career opportunities!

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