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Using the power of the Microsoft Power Platform, unlock over 50 industry work-based skill assessments for your workforce - or add your own for your custom-built process assessments. Get tailored insights, training advice, performance insights and supercharge your workforce resources with your own TalentOcean.

Recruitment Dashboard (Internal Roles): View your internal roles, job vacancies, applicants and profiles from one easy-to-navigate interface. With search facilities and accessibility to every assessment result - and save time using our notification channel to communicate with your applicants!

Supervisors Dashboard: Review your direct report employees in a single interface. View assessment results, appraisals, performance reviews and improvement plans - with a direct channel for communications!

Performance Improvement Planning: Tailored plans for the ongoing professional development of employee or student skills and competencies - the driving force behind individual, team, and organizational success.

Online Resources: Take a look at our learning resources to find out how TalentOcean can help you to manage your staff skills, enhance your feedback and get the most from your organization by adding your own assessments!

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