Local Learning Resources

Learning Center

TalentOcean provides a Learning Resources Module, which comes pre-loaded with more than 60 workplace Talents . Your can also define your own Talents - or include your Business Goals as learning modules.

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"Empowering local employees as learning resources leads to further business successes... a metadata study..." - Emerald Insight

Talents and Goals: Provide compact definitions of workplace practices, Talents or Company Goals, designed to be consumed as "bite-sized" parts for a fast-paced learning curve.

Study Guides: Fully comprehensive guides, procedures, processes or any accompanying study documents supporting every Talent - or reflecting your Business Goals.

Learning Resources

In addition to the Learning Module - which can contain local or web-based URL's, supporting documents, video, audio or other supporting files - you will have the ability to identify, allocate and enable Trainers, Coaches and Mentors from within your organization - saving you costs on external training resources. This also helps to promote a learning culture to foster a collaborative approach, enhancing your employees experience and knowledge from within your organization.

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