Learning Resources

Enhance your Workplace Skills with our comprehensive Learning Resources...

Learning Resources

Learning Resources: TalentOcean provides a full program of learning resources for more than 50 workplace skills across multiple industries. Augmented with "Ask TalentOcean AI", we provide comprehensive Skills Definitions, Study Guides, Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Performance Management programs, you'll be up to speed with your workplace skills in no time!

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Skills Definitions: Compact reviews of workplace skills, designed to be consumed as "bite-sized" introductions for a fast-paced learning curve.

Study Guides: Fully comprehensive guides to each workplace skill, defining each skill across a business, operational and technical scope within a workplace.

All of our Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Performance Management programs start with a review of your workplace skills assessments and a 30-minute in-person review with you:


Training: We can create a training plan based on individual needs, to get them up to speed with your workplace skills, with practical exercises and workplace scenarios.


Coaching: We can work with each person, individually, to understand their needs and create a coaching environment which nurtures their existing skills, supporting growth across all areas.


Mentoring: We can work directly with individuals to review their existing workload items, providing input and advice on deliverables, processes, approaches, professional communications methods and best practice workflows for their existing role.

Performance Management

Performance Management: We can provide a continuous review program based on the skills defined, providing ongoing advice and recommendations to support continued growth and professional development.