Knowledge Management

Learning Center

TalentOcean provides a Learning Resource Center, which also acts as a single point document and information repository for content and knowledge relating to your own custom Talents, such as operating guides or instructions.

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"Knowledge management prevents brain drain by ensuring that valuable information is documented and shared rather than being lost when employees leave the company." - IBM

Content Management: You can add up to 10 different documents, per Talent. This can be in the form of URL links, text documents, image and audio or video elements, supporting the content required to support your local solution, process, procedure, policy or other internal system guidelines.

Knowledge Management: In our Learning Resource Center, each Talent can be accompanied by a full and comprehensive description, supported by an Assessment with Grades through Appraisals, coupled with local support from nominated Trainers, Coaches or Mentors.

Content and Knowledge Management

Keeping tabs on the latest documentation can sometimes seem to be an endless task. TalentOcean provides you with the tools to be able to create a collection of documents, instructions, manuals, descriptions and other materials supporting local requirements. Coupled with that is the ability to assess employees in their knowledge of the subject matter, with assessment which provide grades which can be further nurtured through Performance Management. Coupled with each Talent is also the ability to allocate local subject matter resources as Coaches, Trainers or Mentors, completing a full range of Content and Knowledge Management.

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