TalentOcean Subscriptions

TalentOcean provides services for many different roles and user types in the Tech industry. Our standard subscription model provides everyone with the same level of access. Whether you are a student, learner, new to the industry, a seasoned professional, a line manager, a student advisor, a recruiter or a hiring agency - you'll have access to every solution and service on the platform. Why not start with our Free Trial for individuals and dive straight in with 100 Credits to get you started!

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TalentOcean monthly subscriptions provide full access, along with 100 Credits per user, per month, for the services shown in the Table, below:

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TalentOcean Credit System

Service Description Credits

Workplace Skills Assessments

15 Workplace-based scenario assessment questions with multiple-choice answers, designed to determine your knowledge and experiences with day-to-day tasks and other scenarios based in the workplace.


Appraisals and Career Advice

Based on Assessment results, appraisals form a part of the testimonials provided with Professional Profiles, coupled with personal career advice for individuals, available to view on the Platform.


Professional Profiles

An editable (Microsoft Word) version of your professional profile designed to supplement your resume or CV. This also contains testimonials for your workplace assessment appraisals, for you to showcase your skills.


Job (Role) Creation

Define and publish skills-based job or roles for publication on the Platform, compare and shortlist applicants matching skills requirements through their assessment results and access their Professional Profile.


Job (Role) Applications

Submit your profile and complete a skill-based role application for open jobs on the Platform. Recruiters and Hiring Agencies are provided with your profile, application - and your assessment results.


Performance Improvement Plans

Create performance improvement plans for staff, containing feedback, advice, recommendations and instructions to enhance their performance.


Student Progress Reports

Create student progress reports for individuals, containing feedback, advice, recommendations and instructions to enhance career prospects.