TalentOcean is your compass to professional excellence within the IT industry. Crafted by industry professionals for industry professionals, TalentOcean is built on robust Microsoft technologies, steering career journeys towards uncharted horizons. Take a deeper dive into how TalentOcean can work for you:

IT Professionals - Your Personal Odyssey

IT Professionals

Embark on a journey of towards professional evolution with TalentOcean. Through comprehensive skill-based assessments, we unveil your strengths and areas for growth, providing tailor-made appraisals and career advice to keep you on course. Our profile builder transforms your background into a compelling addendum for your CV or resume - setting you apart in the competitive job market. And when you're ready to embark on a new adventure, our skills-based job matching will steer you toward the right role with precision.

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IT Supervisors - Empowering Your Crew

IT Manager

Your voyage to team excellence begins here. TalentOcean empowers you to assess and appraise your team's interpersonal skills - providing insights and feedback for their individual development within a broader organization. Craft and monitor Performance Improvement Plans to steer your crew towards peak performance, with clear guidance and remediation steps when needed. Navigate your team to success, one skill at a time!

IT Recruiters - Charting Fair Waters

IT Recruiter

Navigate talent acquisition with interpersonal insights in TalentOcean. Publish skills-based roles and job descriptions to elevate your recruitment efforts - improving the quality of applicant selection. Match skilled IT Professionals on our platform with precision, while anonymizing aspects of the selection process to eliminate unintended prejudices and biases. Sail confidently toward a diverse and skilled crew.

IT Managed Professionals - Setting Sail

As an IT Managed Professionals, you're invited to board TalentOcean to embark on a journey of professional growth by your IT Manager. Access assessments, appraisals, and performance insights tailored to your core and soft skills, all under the guidance of your line management. Collaborate, learn, and chart your course to success within the organization.

IT Recruiter Professionals - A New Journey

For IT Recruiter Professionals, your voyage with TalentOcean begins with an invitation from an IT Recruiter. Complete the assessments outlined and obtain appraisals that align directly with the specific core and soft skills required for a job or role. Add your Profile and then navigate your way to success by showcasing your talents with precision.

No matter your role in the IT industry, TalentOcean is here to provide you with the tools, insights, and opportunities to set sail on a successful journey. Let's embark on this voyage together and chart a course for your professional success!