Business Goal Monitoring

Reports Dashboard

TalentOcean provides a Business Goal Monitoring Module, which gives senior management a Top-Down Dashboard overview of how Department, Team and individual Employee Performance is affecting pre-defined Business Goals.

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"Setting business goals and objectives is important to your company’s success. They create a roadmap to help you identify and manage risk..." - Harvard Business School

Business Goal Measures: Define your own, with indicators for levels of success throughout your organization's department, teams, roles - and individual employees.

Filter and Find: Drill-Down through Goal Indicators for each operational area - to individual employees, where you can review their performance reports, assessments and learning.

Business Goals

The Business Goal Monitoring Module offers a comprehensive suite of benefits that significantly enhances organizational performance tracking and strategic planning. Firstly, it provides a granular view of company goals, enabling users to filter and analyze objectives across various time periods from departmental down to individual levels. This detailed visibility facilitates better alignment of team efforts with overarching company objectives, ensuring that every team member is working towards common goals. Additionally, the incorporation of the "5 Dials" Pilot principles into the module allows for each goal to be dissected into its fundamental components. This feature not only aids in pinpointing areas needing improvement but also supports proactive adjustments, enhancing the overall agility and responsiveness of the organization.

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